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When Cannabis Calls You to Serve

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

When Cannabis Calls You to Serve

When my husband was first diagnosed with brain cancer in 2018, as his wife, the last thing I wanted to do was serve other people. My personal desire was to serve only my husband and to be his advocate through the storm. I loved him unconditionally and always have, and I wanted to retain the best quality of life for him, for me, and for our friends and family who love us dearly.

As a nurse; however, God had another plan and that included helping others as I had always done. It was within those early days I knew in my heart that I was to help others with cannabis and the conditions and diseases that plague so many. That is how 2 Leaf Nurses came to be. We are experienced cannabis nurses serving over 36 states in the U.S. seeking help with medical cannabis and how they can fit it into their daily routines.

For the last month I have taken a much-needed respite after losing my soulmate on June 29th. He fought hard right up to the end, and we never gave up on each other. He told me to make sure I continued this mission to help others like him. Despite being plagued with grief over this loss, I know that vision is still alive and well. I know the purpose is still there and that passion is still very much alive. My cannabis nurse colleagues have also been an amazing support and kept patients moving forward in my absence.

I thank everyone who has visited the site, sent cards, emails, texts, social media messages and showered my family with love, support, food, and so many acts of kindness that have overwhelmed us with gratitude. Without all of that I don’t know how we would have gotten through.

I am back now and ready to take the next steps in helping people. It is also the 2-year anniversary of starting 2 Leaf Nurses and I want to show my appreciation by offering 20% all my services to all new patients. If you are not in need of help but know someone who is, please share the 2 Leaf Nurses website: and let them know that they too can take advantage of a celebration.

Simply enter 2YRS20% in the code box, at checkout, when booking services from August 1-30, 2021.

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