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What an Experienced Cannabis Nurse Can Do for You

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

What an Experienced Cannabis Nurse Can Do for You

One of the most common questions I get these days as a cannabis nurse is, "What do you do?" My answer is quickly followed by the person asking, "What is that?" After much thought, I decided you might have the same questions.

What is a cannabis nurse? Simply put, we're licensed nurses (LPN, LVN, RN, APRN) who specialize in cannabis, which is a plant used by many as medicine. It's known to most people as medical marijuana. We spend much time researching the plant, science, pharmacology, drug interactions, laws for our states, and much more. We engage with other cannabis nurses and cannabis nurse consultants, learning what is showing antidotally to work for patients and how they are working with their patients, all while developing best practice approaches. Our goals are always to ensure that patients are safe and successful.

What can a cannabis nurse do for you? I'm glad you asked. We'll meet with you, ensure you are in a medical marijuana program (or in the process of joining one), and learn about your diagnosis/diseases/conditions as well as your medications, lifestyle, nutrition, psychosocial elements, and the needs/wants/goals you have for your health. Together we develop a nursing care plan of action or a road map to help you get to those goals. We provide education on how your body is designed to work, what happens when it doesn't, and how medical marijuana may or may not be beneficial to you. We can collaborate with your physician, family, and friends to help ensure you have the support you need. We teach you what to look for in dispensaries, products, and testing, and we explain the real-life situations you may face using this plant as a medicine.

How do you find a cannabis nurse? That's easy: You already have! 2 Leaf Nurses is located just outside Springfield, Missouri. We work with local medical marijuana dispensaries providing patient education in person for those in the area. We also provide virtual appointments that enable us to meet with patients across the state of Missouri and most states in the county that have medical marijuana programs. With the increasing security of virtual meeting options, a cannabis nurse is almost always available. Check out our services and plans section and contact us directly to find out which plan is right for you.

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