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Unfortunate News

When cannabis legalization began expansion across the country and provided needed options for individuals suffering from various conditions, the hope of 2 Leaf Nurses was, and remains, to provide educational services to best ensure a safe and successful cannabis experience.  UNFORTUNATELY, states have failed to require education for patients from cannabis-trained healthcare professionals. This failure has left little space to provide sustainable educational services and less room for cannabis nurses to work independently according to their state licensure.  THEREFORE - effective MAY 1, 2024, 2 Leaf Nurses will no longer offer individual service bookings.  We will continue to work with healthcare organizations and cannabis businesses needing education by contacting us directly.  We sincerely apologize for this unfortunate change and encourage individuals to advocate for their healthcare rights to proper education from trained cannabis healthcare professionals.  

Medical Marijuana
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Every medical marijuana patient deserves a cannabis nurse who cares

Members of the American Cannabis Nurses Association 
and Cannabis Nurses Network

Is Medical Cannabis Right for You, a Loved One, or Your Patient?

Navigating the medical cannabis world can be difficult and confusing. 2 Leaf Nurses acts as a guide for patients, caregivers, and medical professionals in Springfield and around southwest Missouri. We belong to the American Cannabis Nurses Association (ACNA), the Cannabis Nurse Network (CNN), and the American Nurses Association (ANA). We have the knowledge and experience to educate our clients about all aspects of medical cannabis. Whether you have years of experience with medical cannabis or no experience at all, we have a coaching plan to fit your needs. 

2 Leaf Nurses offers medical cannabis education workshops for social groups and community organizations, as well as cannabis education sessions for health care professionals, agencies, and organizations of all sizes and backgrounds. In addition, we offer support for members of the cannabis industry—including marijuana dispensaries and licensed cannabis growers or cultivators—allowing them to better understand the varied needs of their patient customers. We can even facilitate online workshops with groups across Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. If you're not in the Springfield, MO area, we're happy to set up a video conference via Zoom, UberConference, or Google Hangouts. 

2 Leaf Nurses is here to help light your way. Want to discuss how we can help? Click here to speak with an experienced cannabis nurse.

Meet Dedee
Dedee Cully, RN Cannabis Nurse

Meet Dedee Culley, RN

Cannabis Nurse and Interpener

For Dedee Culley, her work as a cannabis nurse is far more than a job or career: It's a calling.

Culley grew up wanting to become a nurse and a teacher. Over 20 years ago, she was able to combine those two passions by becoming an RN and seizing opportunities to teach whenever she could. For Culley, there is nothing more invigorating than seeing someone's eyes light up when they realize they understand a new concept and are empowered to take control of their health and their life. 

Her journey to become a practicing cannabis nurse began not long after she became an RN, although she learned about the healing power of herbs and other natural remedies from her grandmothers when she was a young girl and took it upon herself to study holistic and naturopathic therapies later in life. As an RN, she saw how patients benefited from medical cannabis use when more advanced medications failed. In 2014, she searched for a way to better manage the chronic pain and anxiety she'd dealt with for years and discovered that more holistic and naturopathic therapies, including cannabis, offered more hope than prescription medications had. 

In 2018, she learned that cannabis helped children with various forms of epilepsy. Later that year came her biggest personal challenge: Her husband was diagnosed with a glioblastoma, terminal brain tumor. 

"While we were beyond devastated, I knew first that God had a plan," she said. "I researched day and night to find what would provide the best hope. Again, I found cannabis. I also found other nurses doing what I knew I was called to do as well: be a cannabis nurse."

Culley's personal experiences have driven her passion exponentially to provide best practices and most successful methods to all medical cannabis patients.

Qualifying Conditions
Qualifying Conditions for a Medical Card

Qualifying Conditions for a Medical Card

Cannabis helps pain
Cannabis helps chronic medical conditions


2 Leaf Nurses Accomplishments

Owner, Dedee Culley, is often asked to speak at cannabis related events for the medical community. One such event was the 2021 ACNA Cannabis Care Conference in 2021. She was rated by peers after the event and it proved to be a huge hit with the attendees. If you need a certified Cannabis RN to speak at your event, please reach out to us! 


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