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Choose the Cannabis Consulting Plan Best for YOU!

Medical cannabis can be a complicated topic. Patients, caregivers, and health professionals must navigate a maze of questions along their cannabis journey. What's best? Where do I start? Who can I trust?

There's no reason to go through it alone. A licensed cannabis nurse can help you make sense of it all and avoid costly mistakes. 2 Leaf Nurses provides free consultations to individual patients, caregivers, or health care providers. If you decide you'd like individual coaching, we have several different plans to meet your needs—whether you're a novice, a more experienced client, or someone needing ongoing support.


We offer a more professional-level consulting service for dispensaries, cannabis products manufacturers, and marijuana cultivators at three different levels: basic, extended, and ultimate.


We belong to the American Cannabis Nurses Association and have the knowledge and experience to help guide you, no matter where you are in your medical cannabis journey.


Want to get started? Click on the plan that's best for you or call us at 417-812-7676 if you need help making a selection. We are here for you.