2 Leaf Nurses Servies

2 Leaf Nurses provides a range of cannabis consulting and educational services, from individual coaching for patients to workshops for community groups, health care professionals, and those who work in the cannabis industry. Browse our services selection to learn more or click here to contact an experienced cannabis nurse.

  • Is Cannabis Right For You?

    15 min

  • Personalized plans for the novice to experienced cannabis user

    30 min

    50 US dollars
  • Adjunct/Alternative therapy for those seeking more than prescriptions

    30 min

    30 US dollars
  • Cannabis consulting in a safe and casual environment

    $150 per session
  • Cannabis education for churches, networking, social, or public groups.

    $300 per session
  • Workshops designed for healthcare agencies and organizations

    $300 per 1hr session
  • Medical cannabis workshops for nurses

    $300 per 1hr session
  • Support for dispensary owners

    2 hr

    Varies Based on Need
  • Education and consulting for cannabis growers

    2 hr

    Varies based on need