How Do I Take Cannabis?

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Do I have to smoke it?

I get the question "do I have to smoke it?" routinely. For those more assertive, I get the statement "I don't want to smoke it" or "Im not going to start smoking"...good news...You.Do.You 😎how cool is that? Cannabis works differently on everyone; varieties work differently; methods work differently. This is a VERY individualized plant medicine. Our Western medicine methodology and mind-set does not work in the world of cannabis which is yet one of the many reasons you need an experienced and knowledgeable nurse to walk the journey with you. Here are the basic methods or routes used to consume or administer cannabis to someone. I am sure there are more coming and there are certainly some I would not recommend, but we will save that for your person coaching.

Sublingual or Mucosal

This is a process of placing product in the cheek or under the tongue so that the majority of absorption is through a mucous membrane and allowing faster effects and less digestion/metabolism loss. Tinctures are the most common, but you can also choose from lozenges, mints, suppositories, and lubricants. Keep in mind that anything you place in the mouth for mucosal absorption that ends up swallowed, becomes an edible.

Ingestion or Edibles

Yes, this includes the brownies and cookies you hear about but its more than that. There are teas, tinctures, infusions, capsules and even tablets. The product is orally consumed, digested and metabolized by the body at the body's normal metabolic rate. This means the effects are felt longer after consumption and provides a deep, long-lasting effect. These are often harder to titrate dosing because of the metabolism and interaction with other medications or supplements.

Inhalation or Smoking

I know...the one people think they don't want, but hear me out. I am not an advocate