Pitfalls of Medical Marijuana and How to Avoid Them

"How do I love thee? Let me count the ways." Call me weird, but that's exactly what came to mind when I started writing. I love medical marijuana and all I see it doing for patients. Is it the magic bullet? The wonder drug? The cure-all? It's not, but it definitely has a vast array of benefits we are only beginning to learn about again.

Again, you ask? We've known and understood the cannabis plant for centuries, but for the last 80-plus years it has had so much negative propaganda and stigma attached to it – including the fact that it's federally illegal – that we are now having to learn all over what its potentials are as well as learning more science about it.

When you're first learning about medical marijuana, you can run into some common pitfalls and misconceptions. What we hear can often be confusing or misleading. I'm here to begin sorting it out for you.