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Thoughts About Self-Care and Cannabis at the End of 2020

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Thoughts About Self-Care and Cannabis at the End of 2020

Not everything in life must be complicated. It would do all of us good to just sit and be: Be in the moment, be present, be still, be alive, and breathe easy.

As I sit on the balcony of a 10-story condo overlooking the gulf beach waters, I think about this. I watch the waves come as regularly as breathing. Each wave is a bit different, just like every moment in life. Some are gentle and easy, while others are big, bold, and strong. The tide changes every hour and every day, but none of it is really complicated; it just is. I can try and fight against it knowing I will never win, or I can breathe into it.

I see people moving, playing, engaging, or electronically disconnecting and just sitting. Some are reading books: real, live paper books. I see teenagers walking and talking with no phones in sight, a grandpa playing catch with his grandchild, a mom chasing after her wee one who feels safe and free, a couple sitting side by side not saying a word, each enjoying the presence of the other half. There are so many options, but the common denominator is that you can see all of them being uncomplicated and living in the moment.

I am amazed by a sculptor at work. I can't tell what he's making, but it's big. I'll see what the creation is in the morning. His work so far includes an alligator sand sculpture as well as an octopus, and each morning I wake up to find a new one. This morning a big mound was awaiting. It has two sides to it: appropriate for 2 Leaf Nurses. Turns out it's Father Time giving 2020 a big thumbs down on one side of the mound and a thumbs up to 2021 on the other. I'm so ready to see the upside.

I'm reading a book given to me by one of my very best friends about self-care and cannabis. So many simple acts of self-care work with or without cannabis. The point is to take that time for yourself, and cannabis just helps open up those channels so that you can relax, accept, and love. I'll have to share some of these ideas in the future.

As we approach 2021, we all feel so much uncertainty in our county, politics, health, business. The list goes on. Right now, as we close out 2020, let me leave you with a few things to ponder:

  1. We have no control over some things, and it would serve us well to let those things go instead of spinning ourselves out of control trying to control what we cannot.

  2. Make sure you tell those you love that you love them now. Don't wait, because you have no control over tomorrow, and you have no idea if today will be the last day.

  3. Stop making everything in life so complicated. Be happy to just sit, soak, breathe, and do nothing sometimes. If you don't, no one else will do it for you. They can't.

My heart and passion with 2 Leaf Nurse is to help people see the power inside of them through education. Cannabis is a tool, like so many other therapies, but it is a super charged power tool when used correctly. Other tools include supplements, probiotics, healthy foods, exercise, meditation, massage. The list goes on. If you need some cannabis education, a cannabis nurse, a medical marijuana card, support, or advocacy then let us help. Visit the 2 Leaf Nurses web site to book a complementary consultation, and we'll see you in 2021!

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